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Renderings, Floorplans, Prices Revealed for MiMA Condos

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The long-awaited (by us) condo portion of MiMA, Hell's Kitchen's Magical Island of Many Amenities, is supposed to launch sales sometime in July. But the building's website is getting an early start. Just what we like to see! In the gallery above, the few available renderings of 1 MiMA Tower's for-sale portion, along with some of the condo floorplans. The fixtures, as expected, look a little snazzier than in the rental units, and the floorplans are roomier, with more galleries and foyers than are found in their leasable counterparts. And hey, speaking of sales, just how much will these things cost, anyway?
We hear that the building is waiting on approval of its offering plan, but once that happens, sales could start as soon as next week. Prices for studios and junior 1BRs will be roughly in the $700,000 to $740,000 range. 1BR, 1BAs will ask between $875,000 and $965,000. 1BR, 1.5BA units will start at $1,025,000 and convertible 2BRs at $1.2 million. 2BR, 2BA apartments will start at $1.7 million and 2BR, 2.5BA units at $2.25 million. Some of these prices are higher than initial estimates, but those dog play dates don't come cheap.
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