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471 Washington Shows Off Some Jaw-Dropping Glass Over Tribeca

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A $15 million penthouse with "jaw-dropping" all-around luminous views deserves some good glass, and the ritzy roost atop the Vella Group's 471 Washington Street in Tribeca has got the goods. Above the corner of Canal and Washington, the construction netting is coming off the 10-story tower of condos, revealing multiple panes of glass overlooking the Hudson River and points west. In full view from the green stretch along the river are expanses of glazing set above segmented grey gun-metal panelling. Closer inspection reveals details of the design from Ben Hansen Architects, including mini-rivets and stainless steel banding. What's emerging is a smart blend of industrial hardiness and contemporary slickness.
Terraces and balconies abound, with glass balustrades climbing high over the little peaked roofs of the landmarked Federal-era houses just to the east. The 12 units at 471 Washington are now nearly sold out, and future condo dwellers here will only need to open the door to enjoy some award worthy salty breezes courtesy of the NYC Department of Sanitation. Way up high an exterior stairway gives access to some rooftop chillin' and grillin'. From that lofty perch Canal Street never looked so good.
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471 Washington Street

471 Washington Street, New York, NY