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$32.2M East 67th Street Fixer-Upper Headed for Auction

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It wasn't on our list of Manhattan's 10 most valuable mansions, but 33 East 67th Street is making a play for a spot?and our attention. The Post reports that the 41-foot-wide townhouse, which has already been on the market for two months at $32.2 million, is now taking bids and will be sold at auction. The minimum bid for the 18,789 square feet is the current $32.2 million ask.

The price isn't out of line with other townhouses on the Upper East Side?but the place will need some work. Right now the house is used by Italy's board of trade, and any new owner, especially one who wants to create a single-family mansion, should plan on some modifications. On the plus side: there are already six marble fireplaces in place and a five-story spiral staircase, and the neighbors are no strangers to major renovations.
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