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Hot Wheels Servicing Included in Carlyle Unit's $14K Maintenance

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At first glance, this unit at the Carlyle seems like your standard hotel apartment. Plenty of dark wood paneling? Check. Fancy foyer? Check. Hotel services? Check. Built-in bookshelves? Check. Terrace? Check. High-end Hot Wheels track wrapping around the living room? Uhh, check! Take a look, we especially like the aqueduct looking stretch under the bookshelves. We suppose if Eloise is chilling a few blocks down in the Plaza, then Richie Rich and his good time pals are enjoying themselves up on the 15th floor of the Carlyle. A tipster sent us this listing, and a closer look shows the $2.595M unit's been on the market for about 480 days now, so any Hot Wheels enthusiasts haven't bitten yet. The seller is even including a year's maintenance if someone buys it up. We all have that friend who will never grow up and has all that family money. E-mail this to them.

· 35 East 76th Street [BHS]