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Kew Gardens Might Live up to "Next Big Thing" in Queens

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We've never done the trek to Kew Gardens in Queens much, but if the Wall Street Journal profile is to be believed, we might be missing out. Pegged as an "oasis" in the city, the affordable housing stock and the area's safety is drawing more and more buyers into the area. At an average of $462 per sq ft, the leafy (sounding) oasis is still considerably more expensive than Forest Hills and Richmond Hill, which clock in at $345 and $362, respectively. Still, that's a lot cheaper than Manhattan and a lot of places in Brooklyn. There weren't many new condos built here during the boom, so the housing stock is mostly older apartment buildings and homes. Still, there's only going to be so much flow diverted from areas of brownstone Brooklyn here, and we assume that's because the commute from this deep into Queens to Manhattan is still pretty long. Maybe it'll take hovercars to bring the boom out here.
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