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Inside Williamsburg's Reanimated 390 Lorimer Street

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Williamsburg's 390 Lorimer Street, the stalled condo project that's back on the market with the new name of ID390, sparked strongly-worded reviews from neighborhood residents before the building even had its official opening. That event was last night, so we headed over to the "intersection of what's next and what's now" to check out what's on offer.

Attendees at the opening?and there were a lot of them? could roam through two fully furnished larger units as well as some smaller empty ones. Plus the amenities spaces: a compact gym, yoga recreation room and a ground floor interior courtyard with space to entertain. The roof can be subdivided into lots so each apartment owner can have a private pen in the sun. There's even a pet spa, so the building's four-legged residents can, in the brokerbabble's words, have a hub for face-time, too.
The units themselves have double height ceilings throughout, and are flooded with light as a result, even if some of the smaller ones had an oddly stretched feel. The high ceilings allow for mezzanines, but the mezzanine levels are too low to realistically act as another room and might more often serve as storage space. Our snaps of indoor and outdoor spaces in the gallery above.
?Reporting and photos by Michael Piderit
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