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The Townhouse Renovation To Rule Them All...By An Amateur

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Get a load of this townhouse reno in Brooklyn. The before shots give a pretty good idea into what kind of crapshack the buyer was working with, but the photos of the renovation are literally awesome. As in we are struck with awe. The best part? The owner is not an interior designer, rather she just kind of winged it with this house. She says "I am a life-long thrifter and a junk store junkie and much of my furniture was acquired this way. I have even been known to pull a few things from the neighborhood trash. My friends have been encouraging me to do this professionally." We would probably give the same advice her friends gave. We selected our favorite photos but there's a bunch more here.The pictures speak for themselves, but the owner goes into detail about her process. Work started about a year after we purchased the house and is just now nearly completed. The garden is our next project. Basically, almost everything has been “touched”. There are all new bathrooms, a new kitchen, a restored copper skylight, new mechanicals . . . In terms of new construction, we built a copper-roofed room to replace an unattractive records room that had been built in 1925 on the foundation of the demolished conservatory for the Brooklyn Public Library offices. We followed the lines of the conservatory, using the existing curved base and the original plans that we found at the DOB. Two of the parlor parquet floors were damaged beyond repair and have been replaced. The heavily patterned parquet of the front parlor was discovered under carpet and linoleum tile and has been restored. A new curved iron stair has been added under the skylight to replace a narrow servant’s stair to the basement.
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