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Getting Down With OPP at Richard Meier's Penthouse Unveiling

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Some people already use the building as a vacation home so what better way to spend a summer evening than by lounging on a On Prospect Park penthouse roof terrace? There were cocktails aplently and burgers on the grill at the casual unveiling of the building's three remaining penthouses. While most of the action took place in the grandaddy Penthouse 16 South, we managed to grab some shots of the smaller PH16W. Things on the terrace got a little messy with the burgers and the wind, but any buyers are going to have the cleanest neighbors in town. They're also going to need the $5,100,000 that the BR 3.5BA unit with 3,524 sq ft interior and 2,582 sq ft PHS is asking. Penthouse West is a comparative bargain at $2,750,000 but only with 1,900 sq ft interior and 840 sq ft exterior. Penthouse North is about the same as PHS with slightly larger but more awkward outdoor space, asking $4,900,000. Final thoughts: looking good, no bird tragedies.

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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238