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Big Reveal: How Much for a Bright and Roomy 1BR in Murray Hill?

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And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game.

Location: 10 Park Avenue Apt. 9D
Asking: $685,000
Congratulations guests 8 and 9, you guys nailed the price this week. A lot of guesses were in the $700's and one even broke the $1M mark. Yes, we know that Murray Hill isn't the most wanted nabe, but the price seems to reflect it. Perhaps guest 15 said it better than we could, "This stretch of Park Avenue is attractive. The sidewalks are wider than the ones uptown and the malls still have their iron fences. With view to the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, it feels very Noir New York, as if Humphrey Bogart will pop out from under an old apartment house canopy and into a black sedan. OK, Murray Hill is a backwater, but it's not without its charms, not the least of which are its lower prices." Indeed.
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