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New York By Gehry Renters Still Have to Live Like Normal People

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Are things are getting kind of cheap over at 8 Spruce Street? At least one resident thinks so! A tipster sent an e-mail updating us on the goings on at New York by Gehry, and it looks like residents are pissed off already. The anonymous crusader says:

Building services being cut back. Management has out-sourced handling of incoming/outgoing packages to an outside vendor. Tenants are up in arms because packages can only be picked up during the outside vendors business hours. Previously, packages where available 24/7, like every other luxury doorman building in Manhattan. Looks like that's exactly what's going on according to an oddly perky memo from management saying that they are "very pleased to announce" that "Green Apple Cleaners will be occupying the space behind the far mailroom from the lobby and can be accessed through the valet window located in the back of that room." Pretty low-rent, considering that rent is actually very high. Next thing we know there's going to be a public pool somewhere in there.

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