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First Buyers Sign Up to Be Blinded By the Light at LIC's Murano

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We haven't taken a look at Long Island City light show building Murano in a while, mostly because we've been trying to avoid seizures. But a tipster tells us that closings have begun at the building, so we're going to risk it. According to the building's StreetEasy page, 11 units have closed, at an average price of $693,000, lower than average list price of $750,333. (Four other units are in contract, for $507,000 to $1.295 million.) Discounts at closing, for units that got 'em, hovered between 5 and 6 percent off.

Which might explain the other change we see in the current Murano listings: PriceChoppage! Seven listings in the building saw their prices cut slightly this week. The biggest discount is 6 percent, or $55,000, on #2H, a 2BR, 2BA that's now asking $890,000. The smallest chops were just $10,000. Our scientists at Curbed Labs are still investigating the correlation between discounts and each unit's proximity to the light clock. In the meantime, will the chops be enough to keep sales moving?
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