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Karl Fischer's 482 Greenwich Ready to Rise Over Canal Street

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Down at the west end of Canal Street, yet another stalled site is showing signs of life. The Arman Building project at 482 Greenwich, an 11-story stack of condos on the north side of Canal, is back on track. First proposed in the heady days of 2005, this troubled project went through many iterations before going comatose during the dark days of 2009. The proposal here was named for sculptor Arman, who used this irregular wedge-shaped lot to create his works from 1977 until his death in 2005. Now demo of Arman's ramshackle old studio building is done and recent filings at the Department of Buildings show that a 10-unit condo from, brace, architect Karl Fischer is getting ready to rise.
The project at 482 Greenwich is from Benjamin Shaoul and Marc Ravner at the Magnum Real Estate Group, the gang who brought us the green and glassy Yves on Seventh Avenue. Renders of the plan found on the McKay Architecture website show a jumble of balconies, inset and projecting over both Canal and Greenwich, with a sharp wedge of windows where the two streets meet and a large sculpted panel standing tall over Canal. 482 Greenwich sits catty-corner across from the original Canal Street pioneer, the Zinc Building, and directly opposite the nearly complete 471 Washington Street. This trio in metal and glass offers a sharp contrast to the old bricks along this once-industrial stretch of Canal, but hey, modern is now the happening style in this part of town.
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482 Greenwich Street

482 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013