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Cool New LES Car Hole Already Headed for History's Dustbin?

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Three makes a trend right? First the Spring Street Tower o' Garbage gets its modern facelift, then the finest salt shed in the land. The newest civic project modernization du jour (and also award winner!) is a parking lot on Essex and Delancey on the Lower East Side. The Observer reports that the unsightly concrete car-bunker is getting a $4 million makeover, with a steel cable front. We think it actually looks pretty neat, at least better than what's there. Alas, an Observer commenter raises a fair point:

Looks great now. Metal screening such as this is the current "flavor of the month" in the architectural community with respect to facade treaments on new parking garages. Guess what, in 20+ years, people will be making the same comments about it as the comments being received about the facade materials that you just replaced.

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