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Jerry Seinfeld Leaving the Upper West Side for a UES Townhouse?

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Jerry Seinfeld?moving away from the Upper West Side? It hurts and shocks us just to write those words, but according to today's Post, they might well be true. The Upper West Side icon, who currently lives in the Beresford, has been spotted checking out a few townhouses on, brace, the Upper East Side. The first was 1 East 94th Street, the $26 million place owned and heavily renovated by music exec Lyor Cohen. The Seinfelds were also seen at 26 East 73rd Street, another mansion renovation available for the slightly lower price of $23 million.
While sifting through the listing history for 26 East 73rd Street, we noticed two familiar names: Christopher O'Malley and Wendy Flanagan, who sold the house to its current owners for $18 million in 2007. Flanagan and O'Malley renovated one of our favorite UES townhouses, so if they're also behind the redo at 26 East 73rd Street, it could be a nice one. Here's a peek:

Does it seem like Seinfeld's kind of place?

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26 East 73rd Street

26 East 73rd Street, New York, NY