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Stuy Town Turning Its Frown Upside Down

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It looks like Stuy Town's lux living blog is moving over to the greener pastures of facebook because apparently Stuy Town "does not suck anymore." This is the first we're hearing of any un-shittiness but the blog explains:

99.9% of the atrocities you see on this blog are representational of the "Tishman Speyer Years." Tishman Speyer purchased the property in 2006 for $5.4 billion and then quickly ran it into the ground with the hopes of making a quick profit. They defaulted on the property and left with their tails between their legs. While Stuy Town now sits in the hands of CW Capital, our previous property manager, Rose Associates, Inc. was brought back in last year to restore what's left of the community. Though it is an uphill battle they are making progress each day.

The first big improvement?

The "Tishman Speyer era crust collecting carpets in the elevators " are being replaced! Are we truly witness to a new era in Stuy Town's post-Tishman Speyer life?
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