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Meet Chelsea's Most Imposing Townhouse

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This townhouse at 233 West 20th Street is not playing around. Just look at that entrance, quaint is not what it's aiming for. This 25 foot townhouse has 7,000 square feet spread over six floors with a solarium on the roof. It's asking price is not for the faint of heart, at $13,650,000. It looks like somebody bought this place for $1,450,000 in 2004 when it was a measly 1,152 square foot seed that would germinate into this mammoth. Looks like they did a good job with the interiors, though they're a little bland. The layout is a little awkward with the kitchen being on the garden level shared with just a maid's room and the living area upstairs. We're not sure what to think of the family area and parlor being all the way up on the fifth floor, but the direct access to the solarium could make up for any weirdness in the layout.

· Listing: 233 West 20th Street [CORE]