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The Edge is The Most Popular Building in Town

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Sorry haters. According to Real Deal, the Edge in Williamsburg has sold more units in the past six months than any other building did in 2010. If you'll remember, the position for most units sold last year is held by Downtown Brooklyn's be@schermerhorn which sold 121 in that time. Well, between January 1st and June 1st of this year, the Edge has 144 units sold or in contract. That brings the building to 330 out of 586 sold. Not bad, not bad. We're going to give the Edge props for doing well for itself. However, and maybe it's just a case of the Sundays, but a unit being in contract doesn't really get us all hot and bothered like a closed unit does, so forgive us if we're less than ecstatic. Even so, that's a lot of units in half a year.

What does Jeffrey Levine have to say about the building's success? "We built a fantastic building in probably Brooklyn's finest location...even during the darkest hours we knew time would prove out." Fair enough.
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The Edge

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