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Zig-Zag Through New Hell's Kitchen Rental Mercedes House

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A 2BR unit, with lots of space in the kitchen.
A 2BR unit, with lots of space in the kitchen.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

The zig-zagging Eleventh Avenue rental complex designed by Enrique Norten for developer Two Trees opened its doors in April after a name change from Clinton Park to Mercedes House. We've had our eye on the building from afar ever since, and we finally got a chance to go inside late last week. What we liked: the large terraces (which make up the building's zig-zags) and the relatively roomy kitchens. What we didn't see: the amenities, which weren't quite ready yet. That means we can't really issue a verdict in the building's face-off with the Magical Island of Many Amenities. But plenty of renters didn't feel the need to wait for the amphitheater, community garden, and pool?the first phase of units is already more than 50 percent leased. Rents go as high as $5,900/month, with 200 condo units to follow in the building's second phase.
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Mercedes House

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