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75 Clinton Street Stirs Up Brooklyn Heights Conversion Showdown

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Location: 75 Clinton Street
Size: 74 Units
Prices: $519,000 to $1.699M
Developer: W Development
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran

Are we about to witness a Brooklyn Heights conversion showdown? 75 Clinton Street at Montague Street just opened up for sales right across the street from Franklin Trust Bank conversion 166 Montague Street. 75 Clinton used to be an office building, and was even called "the least attractive structure in Brooklyn" (we got that tidbit from the building's own website). The building is going to have apartments ranging in size from studios to three bedrooms, asking anywhere between just over $500,000 to almost $1.7M. That means 75 Clinton has its work cut out for it if it's going to stand out in the crowd, especially since the exterior isn't doing it any favors. Can an office conversion conjure up the same quaint magic as the Love Lane Mews?

From the press release:

“Location, location, location is the mantra of anybody buying real estate and 75 Clinton couldn’t fit that bill any better,” said Aaron Lemma, senior vice president of The Corcoran Group. “The building will fit anybody looking to live right in the middle of Brooklyn Heights with all the modern amenities a new construction property offers.” · Official website: 75 Clinton Street
· Listings: 75 Clinton Street [Corcoran]
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75 Clinton Street

75 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201