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Will Glassy Townhouse Ruin Cranberry Street's 'Green Donut'?

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Remember the vacant lot at 27 Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights that sold for $1,500,000 last year? Well, neighbors are not happy about the new McMansion that'll be joining them on the block. The tipster who made the above graphic complains that the house is "far too massive for the Commission to determine that its size is "appropriate" for this block, which happens to have the single largest concentration of Federal-era wood-frame houses in all of New York City. These houses, almost 200 years old, are characterized by their modest size, and allowing this development -- a single-family house that in fact is as large or larger than many of the multi-family apartment buildings on the block -- at this location will significantly detract from the character that makes this part of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District special."

The building also pokes into the core of the block, jutting into the "green donut" at the center. We've never had a square donut, but we see their point. If the house gets LPC approval, it'll also have a pool and underground squash court. What, the buyer developed On Prospect Park and The Dillon, of course he want to lives large in the Heights!

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