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What Might Be Next for the High Line's Lot at 30th Street

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A phantom building may soon fill the skies above the north end of the High Line. So far it's flown completely under the radar, overshadowed by the hoopla surrounding the imminent opening of the elevated park's new Section 2. The recent news has focused on the food 'n' fun coming to The Lot at 30th Street, where Tom Colicchio and crew have been tapped to serve up refreshments. That plot of land on the corner of Tenth Avenue and West 30th and on loan to the High Line is owned by the Related Companies, part of a patchwork of 15 properties cobbled together over the past few years. The full site bookends the elevated rails between 29th and 30th Streets, stretching west to the middle of the block. The mystery of what might rise there when the beer stops flowing was tucked away in an epic video touting Related's mega-plan for the Hudson Yards just to the north. It's a tantalizing tease.
What's shown in the video is a ghostly incised box, nearly lost in relation to Hudson Yards. The shadowy shape rises to about 30 stories, just to the east of where the High Line curves towards the Hudson. That's almost as tall as Ohm, the new-ish 34-story party palace on that block. How Related will configure the air rights made available by their 15 connected lots is another mystery. Two low slung, white brick garages that meet at mid-block are part of the package, one at 526 West 30th and another at 539 West 29th. Together they cover nearly 20,000 square feet and demolition applications for both were filed at the end of May. Also to go will be the trapeze tent just to the west of the High Line. So enjoy the light and air along the northern curve of the tracks now. Those wide open spaces may soon be but a memory.
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