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LPC Denies "Dramatic" Plans for 27 Cranberry Street in BK Heights

The LPC officially laid the smack down on the proposed huge townhouse at 27 Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights. There was no formal vote, but the commission rejected the idea, with Chairman Robert Tierney saying "It’s time for a major rethinking.” The other members of the commission were not as gentle in their language, however. Frederick Bland said "It just breaks with its immediate context in too dramatic a way. It’s muscular in every way and I hate to say this but it’s almost like a McMansion is wedging its way into this enclave in the Heights...It feels like an "institutional building." Elizabeth Ryan called it "aggressive." Most of the complaints revolved around the size of the building, with one commissioner expressing concern about the building's glass to stone proportion, or "void to solid ratio." Sleep well Cranberry Street denizens, your Green Donut is safe another day.
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