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Mark Madoff's Soho Loft Available for Rent at $32,500/Month

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A tipster tells us that this new-to-market rental in 158 Mercer Street's New Museum Building belonged to Bernie Madoff's son Mark Madoff, who committed suicide in December. The listing doesn't make the connection (we can't blame it for wanting to fly under the radar) and we haven't yet heard back from the broker, but the details line up: Mark Madoff and wife Stephanie purchased the 4,169-square-foot #4M for $6.075 million in 2005. The brokerbabble describes the apartment as having "a very high end, magnificent renovation," and even if the unit's history places a sad tint on things, we can't disagree with that assessment. The ask: $32,500/month.
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158 Mercer Street

158 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012