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East Village's Next Likely-Eyesore Will Be Funeral Home Conversion

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It looks like some big changes are coming to the vacant Sigmund Schwartz Gramercy Park Chapel located at 152 Second Avenue and East 10th Street. The owners have filed an application to "Remodel the existing three story building and add 3 stories on top.” The plans include six units each the second to fourth floors and duplexes on the fifth and sixth floors. Doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world until you take into account the fact that Issac and Stern Architects are taking the reins on this development. These are the same guys who want to bring the Greenpoint fug to the East Village. One of the architects, Ramy Issac is also responsible for being a master of the East Village Tumor with the help of his pal, Ben "Sledgehammer" Shaoul. May God have mercy on our souls when we see a rendering of what Issac and Stern plan to do with this place.

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