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Tribeca's Skylofts at 145 Hudson Sells Out at Last

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It's a big day over at 145 Hudson Street aka Skylofts in Tribeca. After some price adjustments back in March, the second phase of sales in the building is over and the whole damn development is sold out. They were asking $3.5M for a two-bedroom all the way up to $7.3M for three and four bedroom units. The Observer reports that prices averaging at just around $1,900 per square foot along with the lack of inventory in the area moved the nine remaining units. Also, among the buyers were "no investors, no speculator and no foreigners." For those keeping score at home. Don't lament if you're kicking yourself for not getting in on the sky high action though. There's still that one $12.95M resale which still lingers on the market. The one that originally sold for $4.22M. Yeah, good luck with that. But enough with these wannabes, what about the game changer of a penthouse?!

Looks like the penthouse has...disappeared. According to the listing agent "It will be back late this year or next." Don't leave us hanging like this! Maybe a price adjustment is in the works.
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