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Will SPURA Lot Get A Boxy Giant White Cartoon Museum?

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A French architecture firm just released their plans for the new location of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art to ArchDaily and they want to put that baby right in the middle of the SPURA site at Delancey and Norfolk. The firm, Planda Architecture wants to build a six-story "opposition" to the rest of the projects in the neighborhood like the New Museum and BLUE by giving the building a "a minimal aspect by covering it with an opaque and uniform envelope. As a monolith, the building exists by expressing a clear introversion in a heterogeneous environment." The title of that description? "False Modesty." Of course, this is just a proposal and MOCCA is looking at others. Right now the museum is occupying a floor at 594 Broadway in SoHo. We welcome you, oh Glowing White Mecca of Delancey Street.

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