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Sheepshead Condo Builds Forgotten Garage, Then Screws Up Again

Today Sheepshead Bites regales us with the tale of the Condo and the Missing Garage. The ten unit condo development going up on Avenue Z at East 17th street has been touting indoor parking as one of its luxuries in the face of a faltering sales campaign. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then a curious thing happened. There were trees lining the block, and simply no garage in sight. What's a local blogger to think when he suddenly sees planks covering what's supposed to be the first floor commercial space? Yep, "I had an aching suspicion that the first floor’s commercial square-footage was about to shrink and some baby trees were going to die." And he was right. He goes on to say "Two weeks ago, construction crews were seen tearing out the trees and curb, and building curb cuts. One of the construction workers explained to us that the developer was having trouble selling units without parking (duh!), and so they were putting in a garage. "

Turns out they only put seven parking spaces, so it looks like three of the future residents are going to have to drive around looking for street parking. That or take the bus, or something. Prices for these three bedroom units are between the mid-700s and high-800s.
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