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Upper East Side's Party Penthouse Now Almost $3M Cheaper

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There isn't exactly a lot of competition for party pads on the Upper East Side, but even so, the crazy combo unit that is #RPH1ABC at Park Avenue Court stands out. The apartment atop the former Gimbel's department store is a 6,265-square-foot spread with 1,150 square feet of "guest quarters"?and then there's the homeowner's own space, which includes a 50-foot "galleria," a wet bar, custom built-ins, a master bathroom jacuzzi, and a terrace with outdoor sound system and barbecue, perhaps the two keys to best torturing the residents of neighboring co-ops. Better yet, it's all on sale! When it first came on the market in April 2010, the apartment was asking a whopping $19.75 million. Now, just in time for another barbecue season, the place has been marked down to $16.9 million. Seize the day, bargain hunters.

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120 East 87th Street

120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128