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Inside Chelsea's Most Imposing Townhouse, Now With Graffiti

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: CORE and HSBC's co-sponsored unveiling of 233 West 20th Street, the townhouse so, well, interesting we had to write about it twice.
In the House: The developer and many broker-types, chatting about broker-type things like crazy co-op boards. And, par for the course with a CORE listing these days, a Selling New York camera crew was on the scene.
Menu: Lots of nibbles! Fruits, vegetables, cheese, and crackers plus fancier chef-prepared fare. We can heartily recommend the cheese/pear marmalade thingies.
Dress code: Broker chic with a summery twist.
Soundtrack: Jazzy music?live!
Gift Bag Contents: Lots of freebies in the brochure family, plus a Ligne Roset-branded tape measure (the company staged the townhouse) for those of us whose home makeovers are of the more DIY variety.
What We Saw: The whole six-floor, 7,000-square-foot place. The invite advertised a "live graffiti artist" in addition to the live music, so we headed to the roof to meet MALT, a Detroit-based graffiti artist who was painting a mural on one outside wall. The developer purchased the building from an artist, and the rooftop graffiti?plus the other art scattered throughout the townhouse and in our photos above?is one attempt to keep the building's artsy heritage alive.
The Skinny: The layout didn't feel as odd as we expected from the floorplan, but the block has its quirks, with a police precinct directly across the street and a hostel a few doors down. Of course, the house is fortress-like enough that the surroundings might not deter potential buyers from forking over the $13.65 million ask.
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