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Lower East Side's Blue Moon Hotel Rethinks Its Price, Now $29M

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Once in a blue moon (sorry), news comes our way about the Blue Moon Hotel, these days practically an ancient relic compared to the many hotels that have been planned for Orchard Street. Last we heard, the building had hiked its price from $20 million to a whopping $35 million. That was back in 2009, and the place still hasn't sold, so perhaps something between those two prices? Like, say, $29 million? That's the building's latest price, though the listing language?"This is a prime opportunity for a hotel user they can also use it for selling time-shares, or turn it into a condo hotel. The property would also make a great bed and breakfast opportunity."?is still c. 2005. Which means this listing has just had its sixth on-the-market anniversary. Our card's in the mail.
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