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The Five Best Fireworks Viewing Spots in New York City

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Once again Brooklyn has been snubbed, and the 4th of July Macy's fireworks display is going to be happening on the Hudson. But where can a New Yorker ( or New Jersian. New Jersey-ite?) post up for the best views? We decided to put together a little list of the five best spots where you won't totally fry your corneas. Without further ado...

5.) 505 West 37th Street- We checked the unveiling of the roof deck here last year and are convinced that the views (and party) are going to be epic. You're going to have to be a renter or know a friend in the building obviously. No poors allowed here though, rent here starts at $3,000 for a 1BR.

4.) Hoboken- Doy, the people in Jersey are going to have views as good as (or better) than New Yorkers will. We know this is just salt on the wounds of Brooklyners, but those views are going to be nice. Downside? At the end of it all, you're still in Jersey.

3.) The Beatrice- Yes, who could leave out a building named after grandma? The building at 105 West 29th Street is going to be having its own private viewing party on the 2,600 square foot terrace. Any rabble trying to rappel up the walls to the 54th floor will immediately have hot oil thrown at them. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

2.) Pier 54 and Pier 84- For everyone who can't afford the rents for some of the private apartment buildings we've covered on this list, the great outdoors is a fine option. You'll likely find us traipsing merrily down by the waterfront waiting for the festivities to begin, noshing as we go. Long weekend's almost here you guys, just one more to go...

1.) New York by Gehry Penthouse- What'd you think?! This is it, the highest residential point in the city. We're pretty sure the 76th floor apartment isn't even being marketed right now, but imagine those views! Anyone got friends who are part of the building's maintenance team? Work those connections, people!