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John Legend Lists Apartment at Scarano-on-the Bowery for $3M

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Way back in August of 2009 we found out that John Legend bought a 1,300 square foot pad at 52 East 4th Street aka Scarano-on-the Bowery. We later learned that he got a pretty good deal, paying a discounted $1,900,000 for the apartment that was originally asking $2.3M. Well, he's hoping the next owner of the place won't be as savvy or at least won't be looking for that celebrity discount. The place just returned to the market for a hefty $3,000,000. It does look like John made some changes to the place, but is it worth $1.1M more? CORRECTION: Alas, Curbed was misled. Apartment #10 does not belong to John Legend but to Andrew Anderson. Curbed apologizes for the error.

· Listing: 52 East 4th Street unit 10 [Elliman]
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52 East 4th Street

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003