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Summer of Illegal Hotel Takedowns Continues in East Williamsburg

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It's been a while since we've checked in on the state of the city's illegal hotels, and since this is the summer of the illegal hotel crackdown, it seems like an opportune time. So how's that going? BushwickBK brings word of another East Williamsburg building, 269 Meserole Street (right) recently vacated by the DOB. According to the DOB's tipster, 30 people were being housed in one loft in the industrially-zoned building. The hostel in question, New York Empire Hostel (with a website now in Error 404 land), charged guests $50/night to share a room with up to 12 people in bunk beds. The DOB officials, firefighters, and police came into the hotel in a "crackdown like a drug-bust," a representative of the hostel tells BushwickBK. Which does sound just like those crime fighters.
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