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On Prospect Park Suing Allegedly Noisy Neighboring Temple

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The glassy Richard Meier designed On Prospect Park is sick of the loud parties at the neighboring Union Temple of Brooklyn. They're filing a lawsuit totaling $22 million alleging "pounding music throughout the night" which is "so loud and oppressive it literally shakes" the apartment building. The lawsuit also adds "yelling and screaming in the middle of the night, fighting and otherwise...rowdy" behavior that has the residents steamed. Those must be some parties that Temple is throwing!

Michael Pensabene, the lawyer for the Temple says that they've been renting out the space for parties for 20 years without a complaint. However, the temple has installed soundproofing and has been ending their parties earlier. An admittance of guilt? The lawyer for OPP might think so, he says "I think we've made the point that we won't be messed with...It's too bad we had to file a lawsuit to get their attention, but we have their attention now." Insert some joke about glass houses and rocks here.
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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238