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Harlem's Lenox Terrace Brings Expansion Plan Back to Life

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A plan to expand Harlem's Lenox Terrace, most famously home to a number of rent-stabilized politicos, has been kicking around for years. In 2009, the complex started paying its lawyers more money, suggesting they were about to take action on the plan. It's taken longer than we were expecting, but the Journal reports that owner the Olnick Organization has finally started presenting the plan to tenants. It entails: six new glassy apartment towers, revamped retail space (including upscale restaurants), and landscaped parks made out of what are now just parking lots.

Of course, the problems that existed when the plans were last brought up have yet to be dealt with. These include current tenants concerned about lost views from tall new buildings, potential overcrowding, and a possible rent increase. The plan would require a zoning change, so City Council member Inez Dickens' support would be helpful, too, and she's never been on board with the proposed changes. (Maybe give her the VIP treatment?) Of course, the opposition could only stop the glassy rezoning-needing towers, and Olnick already has an alternate plan, for a few new midrise buildings, in the works.
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