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Tribeca Warehouse Conversion 250 West Street Finally Hits Market

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Location: 250 West Street in Tribeca
Size: 111 units
Prices: In listings so far, $1.15M-$9M
Developer: Elad Group
Sales & Marketing: Cantor & Pecorella
After a non-purchase for $250M, things at 250 West Street were looking a little hazy in the days right after the economic collapse. Elad was trying to sell it off, and the buyers just didn't have money. Persistence might have paid off, though?the first units are just hitting the market now. Prices range from $1.15M for a 1,035 square foot studio to $9M for a 4,018 square foot 3BR/3.5BR with 325 square feet of outdoor space. The interior shots look up to par, but we're a bit disappointed not to see a listing for that $30M penthouse. Given that the Tribeca inventory isn't exactly overflowing, maybe these will move at a brisk pace.
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250 West Street

250 West Street, New York, NY