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Alleged Birthplace of West Side Story Finally Sells for $4 Million

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The saga of apartment #54 at the Upper West Side's legendary Dakota isn't quite worthy of West Side Story, which, according to the apartment's brokerbabble, was "hatched" in the unit's living room. But there's still drama to be had. The apartment first hit the market in December 2009 for $7.5 million, and by February 2010, it had already PriceChopped by 20 percent. The place has finally sold?for only $4 million, a discount off even the most recent ask of $4.95 million. That's still a nice profit for owner Indra B. Tamang, since he inherited the unit from Ruth Ford after serving as her cook, butler, and caretaker for 30 years. Brokers speculated that the Dakota's co-op board wouldn't have allowed a former staffer to live in the building, so if we were him, we wouldn't have wanted to stick around, anyway.

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The Dakota

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