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Indecipherable Russian Text Art Comes to Governor's Island

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The wild and wacky East River frontier that is Governor's Island gets another bauble this week thanks to the Bowery's contemporary art workhorse the New Museum. The text piece by Russian artist Andrei Monastyrski is up through September 25 and coincides with an Eastern European group show that opens at the museum on Thursday. The text translates to something approximating "I do not complain about anything, and I almost like it here, although I have never been here before and know nothing about this place" — which is as good (and nebulous) a motto as any for a spare island in the East River.

It's located in front of the condemned apartment complex on the harborside road facing Manhattan's tip and the Statue of Liberty, a spot with some historical precedence: Soviet honcho Mikhail Gorbachev met US leaders Ronald Reagan and George Bush The Senior here in 1988 to chat about ending the Cold War.
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