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Gala Celebration for Three Blocks of Reborn East River Waterfront

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It's been open to lazy strollers and Wall Street lunchers for about a week now, but today was the day that Mayor Bloomberg and friends showed up to bless the opening of Phase 1 of what shall be known today and all days from now as the East River Waterfront Esplanade. (Catchy quasi-acronym that we did not make up: ERW! Like the airport, only greener and with a view of Brooklyn, not New Jersey.)

Team Curbed rolled up to find SHoPitechts Gregg Pasquarelli and Chris Sharples chatting up City Planning director Amanda Burden. Ms. Burden's excitement was palpable—one might have been excused for fearing her vibrations might destabilize the nearby FDR Drive. But she's earned it—seven years after she dreamed of dancing 'neath it, the rusty ol' FDR has been reborn, and with it, the East River waterfront from Pier 11 to Pier 15. The full tour of the new ERW hotness in the gallery above.
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