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$2.195M Tribeca Loft Spruces Itself Up, Hoping for a Flip

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The fifth-floor loft at 11 Lispenard Street first caught our eye with its art-filled?and we mean filled?walls. Back when the place was a PriceSpotter contender, it was asking $1.975 million, and it sold nearly a year ago for $1.78 million. The listing hinted at a few renovation possibilities, including a switch from a 2BR to a 3BR. The buyers did renovate, but they went in the other direction, reconfiguring the place as a 1BR and changing the look fairly substantially. Now they're hoping to make a bit on the resale, for which they're asking $2.195 million. Above, some before-and-afters of the loft. Is the renovation worth the increase?
Here's the old floorplan:

And here's the new one:

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