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Sneaky Residential Development Takes Off Plywood in Williamsburg

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Location: 188 Woodpoint Road
Size: 8 units
Prices: $299,000 to $725,000
Architect: Ling Li Architect
Developer: Woodpoint Realty
Sales & Marketing: CORE
An under-the-radar "boutique" development on Woodpoint Road off the Graham L stop in Williamsburg has thrown off its plywood shackles and unleashed eight units for sale on StreetEasy. We've seen the building in question, which stood boarded up on street level for at least a year, until last month when developer Savanna was apparently putting on the finishing touches. Those touches include five stories with an elevator, solid ebony-stained oak floors throughout, stainless steel appliances from Bosch, washer/dryer hookups, a duplex penthouse, and close proximity to the 'burg scene with a location slightly outside of the fray. (Woodpoint Road: how idyllic, suburban!) One StreetEasy commenter protests the penthouse's $725K pricetag, claiming it's "nothing more than a standard apartment with a terrace." The broker jumps in to note that at $580 per square foot, the unit and building are below the neighborhood average, although research suggests that it's right on par.
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