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Renderings for Lenox Terrace Confirm Residents' Fears

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Will this ever be the new face of Lenox Terrace, beleaguered Harlem redevelopment poster child and refuge to local politicos? Architects Davis Brody Bond Aedas were tapped way back when by the Olnick Organization to bring their schemes to life. Now, Harlem+Bespoke shows us the renderings for those glassy tower blocks that didn't quite meet the zoning requirements.(UPDATE: Olnick Organization clarifies that these renderings are indeed a few years old.)

The suspended Davis Brody Bond plan does show a mixed bag of tower heights, though both the lowest (at 186 feet) and highest (291 feet) dwarf the original apartment buildings, all 141 feet in height. It's not completely out of context, however: nearby Harlem Hospital clocks in at 230'. The alternate expansion effort reported last week would reduce proposed building heights to between eight and 15 floors, which isn't quite tall enough to block the view onto three blocks' worth of mid-century institutional architecture.

As existing tenants are wont to do, Lenox Terrace residents are protesting the new construction as it will "block their views, push up rents and lead to overcrowding." Sure, but consider the belowground parking, empty lots turned grassy fields, and shiny new retail corridor that will illuminate the streets at night!
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