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UES's Isis Hits 50 Percent; Seward Park Board Drama Continues

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We're slipping out a bit early to celebrate this summer Friday. Stay cool, folks. We'll be back Monday.

UPPER EAST SIDE?The CurbedWire Inbox is in an East Side mood today, so to kick things off, we turn to Isis, the occasionally PriceChopped condominium at 303 East 77th Street. The building is now 50 percent sold, according to reps?and prices have been Chopped again. They now range from $1.503 million to $4.995 million. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?The residents of massive LES housing complex Seward Park have been up in arms over the results of their most recent co-op board election, in which a voting machine malfunctioned and attempts to fix the problem led to accusations of corruption. The latest twist: a board member has resigned over the whole kerfuffle, according to a letter passed along by a tipster. In her letter, the board member accuses a block of six board members of being "highly motivated and invested in the specifics of the election outcome?and already using creepy tactics to manipulate the vote." So things are clearly calming down over there. [CurbedWire Inbox]