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Kalahari: No Neighborly Olive Branch Unless You Have a Doorman

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A tipster sent us intel on Kalahari, the tribal-themed, now mostly occupied Harlem residential building on 116th Street. Apparently the new homeowners are less than thrilled that their pie in the sky may soon be sullied by an affordable housing development right across the street. (Nevermind that Kalahari is already one short block away from public housing project the Martin Luther King Jr. Houses.)

Our tipster sent a copy of the memo Kalahari residents fired off to L+M Development Partners, who are planning a mixed-income tower for the empty lot across the street, with one entry on 116th and the other one block north.

They go on to critique 117th Street as an unsuitable location for a doorman-guarded, market-rate building because it's "relatively deserted," and directly across from two schools and a playground that vacillate between empty and crawling with teenagers ("an active, boisterous gathering place where organized sporting events are held and music is played on loudspeakers"). Oh God, not the sporting events!

And don't forget the retailers:

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