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Inwood's Sherman Creek Gets 2020 Vision of Its Own

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As part of an ongoing regeneration plan for public parks in Washington Heights, coupled with Mayor Bloomberg's Vision 2020 for city waterways, the New York City Economic Development Corporation unveiled a sleek new plan for Inwood's Sherman Creek waterfront last night at a board meeting held next to the "underused and blighted" inlet. The NYCEDC plan will weave together four access areas—boardwalk, pebble beach, river walkway, and cove for public use—along the Harlem River between Dyckman and 208th Street.

Still: just because they presented it, doesn't mean they'll build it. Skeptical residents (what would neighborhood residents be, if not skeptical!) are impressed with the design but dubious that it will become reality. Ralph Moreno of Inwood makes the prescient point that "nobody has any money,” while others note the likely influence of industrial strongholds in the area (ConEd, MTA) that have vested interest in the waterfront.
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