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Nope, Robert Scarano Still Can't File Plans in NYC, Court Says

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After years of complaints about overbuilding, "mezzanines," and secret rooms, Robert Scarano was banned in March 2010 from filing construction plans in New York City. It was a fairly minor offense?a single lamppost in East New York?that got him in the end, but even so, it doesn't look like he's getting off the hook. A state appeals court rejected the barredchitect's appeal yesterday, according to The Real Deal. As the court put it, "the petitioner's actions in submitting misleading photographs, falsely certifying that all objections had been resolved, and claiming entitlement to extra floor area resulting from a nonexistent community facility are supported by substantial evidence and warrant the finding that DOB can no longer rely on him to submit honest paperwork." Really doesn't leave much wiggle room, even for an expert at finding it.
Still, Scarano says he'll "plan to continue working hard to serve our clients and to maintain the high quality of architecture for which our firm is known." And indeed, another licensed architect at Scarano HQ could still submit applications and plans to the DOB. But will there be clients to make plans for?
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