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Rhapsody Finally Sells Out; Gehry Renters Have Major Complaints

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HARLEM?Way back in March 2010, we wondered just how low prices would have to go at Harlem's 2056 Fifth Avenue, once known as Rhapsody on Fifth, before the building's last four units would sell out. And now we have our answer! The last four units have sold to an unidentified Canadian investor, according to building reps, who picked all four apartments up after a "feverish" war involving 18 all-cash bids. According to the StreetEasy records, it looks like each apartment sold for $483,668, which is still far lower than the asking prices of $650,000 to $950,000. On the deeds, the buyer is labeled as Symbolism Inc. We can think of a lot of ways this transaction is symbolic. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Another renter chimes in with a complaint about the conditions at New York by Gehry, where residents are fast becoming disillusioned:

"I'm also a resident of the GEHttho, and #37 in the comment thread has the description right on the money: great architecture, views and support staff, but absolutely incompetent management?.You can't live in a luxury building and NOT have a 24/7 gym, responsive and proactive maintenance, open and fast dialog on BuildingLink (resident website), and a better package delivery system.
It's unimaginable that the building management didn't have the foresight to build more bike space, a refrigerated storage room for grocery deliveries, and a larger gym (at the current size it will definitely not be good enough even for 75% occupancy.) The "Luxury Attache" concierge service is a joke: it's a bunch of gossip girls who have a minimum functional knowledge of OpenTable and StubHub and then charge a 20% premium for the service. I can't wait for the mattress store (A Sleepy's is rumored) to open on the ground to complete the degradation of Frank's great design." [CurbedWire Inbox]

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