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Upper West Sider is Hopping Mad About Bed Bugs at The Lyric

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Dare we say how quiet it's been on the bedbug front this sweet summer of 2011? Not so fast, in case you're this dude, fighting The Man at Upper West Side luxury rental building The Lyric. A tipster writes in to clarify the protest situation:

His unit has been infested since mid-June, as well as numerous other units on his floor. His opinion is that the infestation is being grossly mishandled by management, thereby putting the hundreds of other apartments in the building at risk of infestation. Apparently the management called the police and threatened to have him arrested, which is why he has taken his efforts off Related's property and is on the corner of 94th and Broadway. From the publicist:

"Related Management has an extremely aggressive long-standing protocol which goes above and beyond most NYC landlords employ to deal with this citywide issue. This is an isolated incident that was self-reported by a resident and management responded to immediately upon notice.The surrounding neighboring apartments have already been tested, and where necessary proactively treated, and are expected to be retested to confirm eradication--and all at the management's expense." Anyone else care to weigh in? Our tip line is listening.
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