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Behind the Bluestone at Noho Newbie 41 Bond Street

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In the living room of the second-floor model unit.
In the living room of the second-floor model unit.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

We've been waiting to see what developers DDG Partners would do with 41 Bond since they took the project over from Bond Street kingpin Adam Gordon back in 2009. At the time, some folks advised DDG to carve the building up into smaller units, but instead the developer went with full-floor simplexes and duplexes. Apparently a good strategy! The building finally hit the market in June with prices starting at $5 million?and promptly almost sold out, with just the townhouse remaining. We wanted to get in before the ink dried on the contracts, so we headed over for a tour of the model unit and the in-progress penthouse and townhouse.
DDG's main goal was to blend in with the rest of Bond Street, and now that the scaffolding's down, they seem to have done so?or so thought at least one random passerby who stopped to shout out a compliment while we waited outside. There are still a few exterior spruce-ups to come, including a planted marquis and a massive antique door.

Given the detailing inside, we're no longer surprised the building spent so long teasing us. A few of our favorite touches: the bluestone for which the building's known is used around the balcony doors to give the apartments' indoor and outdoor spaces a continuous feel. The oak floors have to go through a five-stage process to get to their particular color. And the balconies' concrete was poured so that it looks like planks, though we're not sure that will appease the neighbors.

So far, according to developer Joe McMillan, units have been selling at or over ask (prices appear to go up to around $8.05 million), and buyers are mostly entrepreneur, fashion, and finance types. We're not sure how soon the townhouse will go, given that it's still something of a construction zone, and the ceilings are so high it's almost hard to imagine a furnished layout of the space. But hey, that might mean there's time for a prospective buyer to change careers.
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