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Considering Lower Manhattan Street Cred a Decade After 9/11

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Words thrown around in this piece on the supposedly rapid development of Lower Manhattan: "regenerated," "microcosm of urban stability," "skyrocketed," "modern," "dynamic," and "environmentally progressive." That's a lot of praise to lavish on a nabe with a residential population under 50,000 and a noticeable lack of retail and service amenities.

Still, post 9/11 growth has witnessed a 101% population influx, the Fulton Street transit hub should unsnarl a few of the locomotive issues isolating Battery Park, and Conde Nast is jumping ship at 4 Times Square to take up with SOM's burgeoning 1 World Trade. About that landmark move, former Downtown Alliance head Carl Weisbrod actually credits the finance-institution-we-love-to-hate: “Goldman sent a message that downtown was still for a place for a company headquarters. Whether there would be a Conde Nast without Goldman Sachs is an open question.”
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